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Monday 31 October 2022

An Overview of Enochlophobia


Enochlophobia refers to the fear of a crowds. Not everyone who feels uncomfortable in a crowd lives with an enochlophobia. Rather this phobia an involves an irrational thoughts and a behaviors that are excessive in a relation to the actual a danger in a situation.

In other words, if you have an enochlophobia, you are unable to an explain your fear and feel helpless to a control it. You might even be at the point of a completely avoiding crowds of a people or places where you fear there may be a crowds.

And, if you do  search a yourself trapped in a crowd a situation, you probably an experience an extreme physical, cognitive, and behavioral a symptoms that you feel a powerless to a manage.


The symptoms of an enochlophobia look a very much like the symptoms of other anxiety a disorders.1 They generally fall under three categories: your a bodily a reaction (physical), your thoughts (cognitive), and your avoidance or an escape (behaviors).

Physical Symptoms

Below are some of the common a physical symptoms of an enochlophobia:

Blacking out

Dilated pupils



Heart palpitations

Increased heart rate

Muscle tension



What causes enochlophobia? If you have a fear of a crowds and are asking yourself this an question, it is true that there is no a single cause.  thought , there are certain factors that are more likely to be a causal when it comes to a this phobia.2

Below are some of these a factors:

Experiencing a trauma while in a crowd (e.g., being trapped or injured in a crowd at a concert)

Seeing a someone else experience trauma in a crowd (e.g., watching someone else a become trapped or an injured in a crowd)

Becoming lost in a crowd as a child, or being a separated from your a parents.

Social Anxiety a Disorder

Social anxiety disorder a refers to the fear of being an embarrassed or judged by a people. It can be a generalized and apply to all situations or a specific to a performance a situations only.

While you won't ever a receive a diagnosis of an enochlophobia, just knowing that what you are experiencing has a name might be helpful. Whether you choose to see a mental health professional or not, a learning about the different a disorders can a help you a better understand your own an issues and when it might be a good idea to seek a help.

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