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Monday 3 October 2022

Are you sitting for long hours? Beware, these 6 harmful health problems can trouble you

 Are you sitting for long hours? Beware, these 6 harmful health problems can a trouble you

1.Blood clots - Sitting for a very long time can a  clump the blood vessels together and can a create a clot. This happens because there is no a movement in the lower portion of the body. The formation a of the blood clot in the lower body is a known as a deep vein a thrombosis.

2.Heart disease  - Long hours of a sitting can be a hazardous for you. As sitting restricts a good flow of a blood in the body, this can lead to a problems like a heart attack and diabetes because of less a sugar regulation and blood pressure an imbalance.

3.Cancer - There are higher chances of a developing colon and endometrial cancer. This is a mainly caused due to an inflammation, weight gain, and other problems in the body. 

4.Obesity - If you are sitting for long hours, then you will not be able to a burn the calories you had intake in your a meal. Sitting only burns half the calories. To aburn more calories, one is advised to a  walk or stand. This only results in a gaining a lot of body a weight and makes you obese. 

5.Problems in a your Neck and Back - One starts to a face trouble in their neck and back muscles as they continue to a sit for long hours. So much so that they injure their key disk of the body.

6.Risk of osteoporosis - A person‘s risk of a osteoporosis and bone weakening increases as they sit for long hours. It is a  said that our a body stresses on the bones as we walk or create a movement. This makes the body healthy by a generating new bone a tissues by the specialized a cell. Whereas long sitting a hours restrict the body a  movement and as a result, there are fewer a new bone tissues that make the bone fragile.

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