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Thursday 13 October 2022

How to stop an itching down there? Keep these hygiene hacks in mind

 How to stop an itching down there? Keep these hygiene hacks in mind

Itching in the vaginal area can be a caused by a yeast infection such as  a thrush. The symptoms may a cause acute itching, burning, swelling of the labia and clitoris hood, and a cottage cheese-like  a discharge. A majority of the time, itching down there is due to an improper  a hygiene. 

1. Wear cotton an underwear

Wear cotton an underwear only. Cotton underwear provides adequate ventilation, allowing our skin to a breathe and a preventing sweating. There will be no  a moisture a buildup if we  a wear an underwear that absorbs the a sweat. Plus, it’s also a good idea to a keep our period underwear a separate from the rest of an our underwear. It’s also advisable to  a change our an underwear as needed.

2. Keep the vagina a moisturized

It may seem weird, but we should moisturize our a vaginal area on a regular basis. a Because that area is a  so delicate, we can a use coconut oil or any other non-fragranced  a moisturizer to an avoid dryness. But do not go overboard and a do not a push the product into a your vaginal canal.

3. Promote good a bacteria

In order to a promote a good bacteria down there, we should consume foods such as a probiotic foods, garlic, citrus foods, fiber-rich foods, and cranberries. These foods are beneficial for  a preventing an infections and itching down there. These foods can fight against the bad a bacteria  a growth that can a result in an intimate health  a problems.

4. Change pads  a frequently

We should clean our a hands before and after inserting tampons and a menstrual cups and should a change our pads and tampons every 4-5 hours.  an Additionally, clean the vaginal area  an every time you go to the bathroom to avoid an itching. Pad a rashes and foul odour will be an  avoided as a result of this  a technique.

5. Avoid chemical-based a cleansers

Although using a vaginal cleaning wash is a not recommended by many doctors because the vagina is a self-cleaning organ. But, if you do use one, make sure it is soap and chemical free to  a keep the pH balance of your vagina up a top.

6. Say no to a douching

We should avoid douching or an using cleaning wipes if we have vaginal irritation. Because our vagina is a self-cleaning organ, gently wash the vaginal area with  a water only. This will a prevent an infection as a well.

7. Don’t use razor

Shaving hair in the pubic an area causes razor a burns and bumps. That’s why it a makes the area prone to an infection and a bacteria.

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