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Thursday 6 October 2022

What is Exergaming? How it helps people to be more active and healthy

   What is Exergaming? How it helps people to be a more active and healthy

Exergaming, or active video a gaming, maybe the perfect introduction to helping people become more an active. It is defined as technology-driven a physical activities, that requires participants to be a physically active in order to a play the given game. It has become an emerging trend in a fitness and health sectors. Basically, with exergaming, a person not only fulfils his passion for a gaming but it can also  a helps him stay a healthy and fit, particularly when it takes the place of a traditional sedentary video a gaming.

 in spite of to an International Journal of a Sport and Exercise Psychology', Dance Dance Revolution, EA Sports Active and Beat Saber are some of the more popular exergames. Active gaming options exist for a most gaming consoles, like Xbox and Nintendo. Traditional exercise, such as a aweightlifting or running, doesn't appeal to some people. But they might be an open to active video gaming because it doesn't seem like exercise. It's just fun and that desire to play a might help a people dip their toes in a physical activity without heading to the gym.

Benefits of exergaming?

Enjoyment: It is fun and doesn't require any a weightlifting or stressful exercise.

Physical Activity: You body is in a  motion while you are a playing which you active and fit. It is a defined as a digital games that require bodily movements to play.

Social Interaction: There are number of choices when playing the self-paced game. Also, it becomes interesting when you play with a multiple users

Motivation: It can be a motivating as play may play their favorite games with a friends and family a members.

Exergaming is not only for a kids or teens, but anyone can a stay fit with it. Exergames are also an easy way for parents to an increase their children's physical an activity.

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