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Saturday 5 November 2022

Anti Hair Fall Tonic: Make a special herbal hair tonic to prevent hair fall

Hair Tonic For Hair Fall Control: The problem of hair fall is common to most of the people these days. Many people, to get rid of this problem, take various types of hair treatments and also start taking medicines. These medicines and treatments are harmful to the body. Many people also use expensive products to get rid of hair problems. These products are expensive and their effect lasts for a long time. So try using this hair tonic to get rid of the problem of hair fall. This hair tonic will cure the problem of hair fall and also strengthen the hair. This hair tonic can be easily made at home, so let's know how to make hair tonic.

Ingredients for making hair tonic

Fenugreek seed powder- 1 tsp

Bhringraj- 1 tsp

Jatamansi- 1 tsp

Sontha powder- 1 tsp

Curry leaves- 8-10 leaves

Onion juice- 2 to 3 spoons

Water- 1 glass

How to make hair tonic

Soak all the ingredients overnight to make a hair tonic. After that put this mixture in a pan and cook it on medium flame for 5 to 10 minutes. Now leave this mixture to cool. After that, keep this mixture in a bottle. Your hair tonic is ready. Keep this tonic in the fridge. After that, apply this hair tonic on the scalp for 30 minutes every day for 15 to 20 days. After that wash the hair with normal water. This hair tonic will prevent hair fall and also keep hair black.

Benefits of applying hair tonic

The fenugreek powder mixed in this hair tonic contains abundant protein, which will help in curing the problem of hair fall as well as the problem of baldness. This tonic will nourish the hair and make it strong.

Amla found in this hair tonic is very beneficial for hair. It will strengthen the hair and keep the hair dark for a long time. Applying this tonic on the hair also removes the problem of white hair.

This hair tonic prevents hair fall and also helps in new hair growth.

Applying this hair tonic along with nourishing the hair also makes the hair thick and soft.

Using this hair tonic also removes the problem of dandruff and split hair.

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This hair tonic is very beneficial for hair. By applying it, the problem of hair fall is easily removed. But keep in mind that if you have done any hair treatments, use them only after consulting your beauty expert.

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