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Wednesday 20 November 2019

Census 2021, beginning in May 2020 in Gujarat, will be the first mobile app to be used

Census 2021, beginning in May 2020 in Gujarat, will be the first mobile app to be used

In the year 2021, the census of the country is about to begin to ebb. The census is the 16th consecutive series from the year 2021 to 1872, and the 8th census since independence. The first phase of this census in Gujarat will start from May-June-2020 and will continue till September 2020. The census will be conducted in 251 talukas of 33 districts of the state. For the first time in this census, Gujarat will also use the mobile app.

In the first phase, information on the National Census Form will be updated along with the home listing
Dr. Census Deputy Director Dr. The Government of Sanchita said that India's census is the only major administrative exercise in the world. India's census is carried out uninterruptedly every ten years without interruption, so even in critical situations like floods, epidemics, natural disasters, political unrest, the census operation has been completed successfully without interruption. The mobile app will be used to collect data for the first time in the next 2021 census. In the first phase of the census, there will be field work for updating the National Census Form (NPR) along with home listings. The fieldwork of Census 2021 will be overseen by the CMMS Portal of Census 2021. So that the results of the data collected in the census can be published quickly.

The Digital Census Plan For 2021

As many as 21 welfare schemes will depend on the Census, Shah said, “An app is being developed indigenously for collecting the data and in Android phones. National Population Register is being prepared for the first time in the 2021 census,” he added. The home minister said there should also be a system that when a person dies, the information is updated in the population data automatically.

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Almost 33 lakh enumerators, the persons who conduct door-to-door counting, would be mobilised for data collection. A pre-test of Census 2021, which began on August 12, will go on till the end of this month.

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