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Thursday 21 November 2019

Rashi Bhavishy 2020 : Mesh Rashi bhavishy year 2020

Rashi Bhavishy 2020 : Mesh Rashi bhavishy year 2020

1. The year of Jupiter planet
During this year Jupiter will orbit your planet in the ninth position. Jupiter passing through destiny can damage your destiny. Can cause problems with paternal property. In the foreign context, if you are trying, it can be difficult. After the 29/03/2020 change of Jupiter zodiac will bring about some interesting solutions. If there is an upset with friends, it will be resolved. Jupiter continues to be a mixed fruit.

2. The year of the planet Saturn
During this year, Saturn passes from your zodiac to the ninth fortune. At the beginning of the year a lot of hard work has to be done with the grace of Saturn Maharaj. However, there is no predictable success. Changing Saturn after 24/01/2020 can be helpful in the progress of your life. Those involved in the iron business will be relieved. If you have the same balance with religion and service, then this year's hard work will produce good results.

3. Yearbook of Rahu planet
Rahu, who was in Gemini at the beginning of the year at the third price, could be a cause for concern for you. At the end of the year, Taurus Rahu can also lose money at a positive position. General issues can be difficult in financial matters. Don't sit down with luck. Being constantly active through hard work and hard work. In the middle of the year, a little foreign travel yoga is made by Rahu. It is advisable not to rush a decision on family issues.

4. Marriages and Couples
Throughout the year, couples are becoming sweet yogas in their lives. This year can be very enjoyable for a wife or even a husband. Those who are not organizing long-term marriages or are having interruptions in their marriage can get good fruit after 5/11/2020. People who are dealing with divorce cases or who are not having a happy marriage due to any misunderstanding can sit down with the elders and resolve this year. Life seems full of confidence because of the joy and unity in the family.

5. Health and travel
From your beginning of the year, Mars is in Virgo at the price of Mars. So that your health may be a little soft. People who have difficulty breathing have to be very careful this year. Become the dominant yoga of any major surgery. Don't worry too much about the big health-related illness. Health can also have an impact on travel. There has to be more competition in trade. Religious travel will definitely benefit.

6. Children and Practice
You can be very enthusiastic for your children. You have special concerns about the education of your offspring. If someone is a fetus, they should be very careful about the chances of an abortion. You will inherit wealth in the name of children. Student friends have to take special precautions for their career. Medical and research students benefit greatly during this year. Overall year will be good for students.

7. Jobs and business
Will give you luck in the job. Those who have lost their jobs become yoga jobs again. Considering your work responsibilities, your position may seem to be increasing, which means promotion. This year in the business will be the achievement of progress and success. Can expand the business. Can start a business in partnership. Business may increase after 24/01/2020. Overall, there is progress in the business.

8. Land - Building - Property
Real estate has not seen a major change this year, but your idea of ​​generating revenue from the property may not be as impressive. It is advisable not to change the property this year if possible. Towards the end of the year it is becoming good to buy a house and a vehicle. If you live in a rental house you can buy your own little house this year. You can get good returns this year if you take a plot or land somewhere.

9. Enemy - Court - Office
During this year, court and office bouts have to be eaten at the beginning of the year. If an old case is going on this year, it could be a pleasant solution. If you think of someone as your special friend, you are making a common mistake. Be careful about trusting someone in some matters. It is possible that the enemy could not be external, but also internal. That is, there may be a trusted person nearby. Thinking before making any kind of promises. Controlling anger. Do not be hostile to anyone.

10. Women's Class
This year your zodiacal planet Mars is in the sixth position of Virgo. As of 17/02/2020 your health questions remain. You are advised to take care of your health as it will tell you your happiness. This year is a very blessed time for you to study. You will find flexibility with your family. Especially as the husband receives good support, the years pass by. Maintain a balance between job and home.

11. Love Relationships
This year you can have a lot of trouble with love. The one you love can betray you. You have to face difficulties because of one-sided love. Take care not to lose respect. Blind trust can be even more painful for you, if there is genuine love from both, success will be required. Don't step in right now for the sake of a love affair that is causing both families to suffer.


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12. Foreign Yoga
Visiting the planets this year may increase your concern about visas. If the PR file is kept for a long time, it seems to be resolved. People who try for a visa from Australia and New Zealand can get a student visa. With friends of Aries, wish to travel abroad for any reason during this year

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