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Thursday 21 November 2019

Makar Rashi Bhavishy Gujarati 2020

Makar Rashi Bhavishy Gujarati 2020

1. The year of Jupiter planet
Jupiter is benefiting from your zodiac, which can stop the guesswork, but as the years go by, you can solve those same tasks. During this year, you can attain fame, glory, honor and honor in the eyes of the Guru. Meeting with destiny creates good opportunities. In terms of pasture, the coming year should benefit you.

2. The year of the planet Saturn
In the year of Samvat 7, your zodiac will be the twelfth of Saturn. This can lead to unexpected costs. The first phase of Saturn's half-life is underway. As a result, the general problem is faced with. If the planets of the horoscope are strong, then the problem will not be less, then more work will have to be done.

3. Yearbook of Rahu planet
Rahu's orbit will be in the sixth position from your zodiac, which is the place of disease and enemies. The sixth place Rahu will be auspicious to you. There are lots of benefits to be done this year. Progress in different fields. Overall this year is becoming very flexible and can be corrected in case anything goes wrong.

4. Marriages and Couples
In the context of marriage, this coming year may be a little mediocre. Older persons who are keen on marriage can find happy news for friends. Be very careful this year in the couple's life. Keep your doubts as far away as you can. You can bring a happy solution to your spouse's questions. Throughout the year, you will understand each other as love and sweetness will increase. If there is a conflict in a matter, reconciliation between the elders will enhance happiness in life.

5. Health and travel
If you are very positive this year in terms of health, you may have to pay a big return. Around the month of March, small arms can be fired for any reason. Longer journeys can cause discomfort and waist-related problems. Those who have been suffering from a serious illness for a long time receive news of relief and happiness. Religious Yatra ie Kailash Mansarovar or Chardham Yatra can take place. Enjoy a trip to the family to eat. Have a small picnic with your kids.

6. Children and Practice
From offspring to offspring, other things will be beneficial to you this year. The hope that is left of your children will be fulfilled. You may find yourself fascinated by the good results of the offspring of professional studies. The barriers to childbirth will gradually come to an end. The costs related to the development of offspring may be slightly increased. The coming year will be a success for the students. The best careers can be made through study. Hard work will produce good fruit.

7. Jobs and business
Your responsibilities in the field of employment increase. Government servants may face legal action if they do not function properly. No more worrying, but being cautious is beneficial for you. What you are thinking of in the short term gains in the business may not work as calculated and predictable. If the loan of the bank is taken for business, then you will be able to make proper arrangements or plans to repay it.

8. Land-building-property
This year you can see a good increase in real estate. During the year you will be able to buy land and so on. Reading any purchase paperwork as well as agreements with your partner. The new house that you live in becomes a yoga renovation. If an old house or property is sold, investing some of that money in gold and jewelry will benefit. You can install a new car, but it will require extra work.

9. Enemy-Court-Office
There can be many reasons behind your success, but annoying someone or doing harm to someone else can increase the odds. If someone has misled you, you will be saved. The deadline for any old case goes down, so that you can have patience for the middle of the year. Some difficulty may be overcome by the enemy, but there will be no serious consequences. Overall, this year will be fruitful in terms of enemy-court-office.

10. Women's Class
Women will be more pleased with the mood this year. Thus, Saturn lasts for seven and a half years, but it has little effect on women. Even so, other planetary issues remain a major health complaint. Some spouse's personal questions can cause you anxiety. You can be happy because of the good behavior of the in-laws and the in-laws. Choosing the spiritual path will help you progress north. Women who work or work will also receive compensation or benefits in proportion to labor.

11. Love Relationships
The key to success in love relationships can be seen. However, there are many obstacles to overcome. May your day be spent on a visit to someone you love. May your close friends cooperate in the process of reaching a love affair. If you love love money, property, land or just looking at beauty then it won't last much. Knowing your love affair in the family does not require you to hide the relationship, rather it will remove all your troubles. Overall the year is sweet.


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12. Foreign Yoga
This coming year may be very moving for you. You will benefit from going abroad, but you may have difficulty getting a visa from the desired country. Students who wish to study abroad may find success in obtaining a visa. Investing money abroad for families benefits from proper investment. Increase your difficulty because of the disagreement of people living abroad whom you trust

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