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Thursday 21 November 2019

Kumbh Rashi Bhavishy Gujarati 2020

Kumbh Rashi Bhavishy Gujarati 2020

1. The year of Jupiter planet
Jupiter will be with your zodiac. Being in the tenth position will be the strongest one. This year's period will be the best time for you so far. Your work will be progressing more than you anticipate. You get success in family work. Overall, the grace of Guru Maharaj will be with you during this year.

2. The year of the planet Saturn
The planet of Saturn Maharaja of Samvat 3 will be fruitful for you. Saturn Maharaj will benefit from your zodiac benefits. This will allow you to grow economically. Home life becomes an occasion of sadness. In the latter part of the year, positive thinking can be seen in all your stagnant activities.

3. Yearbook of Rahu planet
Rahu will be in fifth place with your zodiac during this year. As a result, you may be slowing down your growth. The possibility of losses in the stock market cannot be ruled out. Extra care has to be taken in the study. Due to Rahu this year, the situation of fate seems to be changing often. Conflict with personal friend may occur.

4. Marriages and Couples
In the couple's life you will get more benefit if you think of just putting them aside. You may benefit from a loving relationship with your spouse. Unmarried marriages can be found in extraordinary circumstances. It is not surprising if the marriage is taken year after year. So this year can be a mixed fruit for you in the couple and in the married life. To make sweetness in the couple's life, to worship Bhagwati Mother Amba. Remarriage is the same with those who are divorced.

5. Health and travel
During the year you may have some concerns about your health. Beware of minor major injuries. He has to suffer from gas as well as gas. You may have trouble sleeping. So good during this year that the chances of a major illness or operation occurring are very low. Avoiding Special Superstitions. You can benefit from a tourist view. Overall, this year is moderately fruitful in terms of health and tourism. Small trips may take place, but larger trips of more days can be discreet.

6. Children and Practice
Your son's grandchildren make your home feel green. Have a great day because of the progress of your offspring. If you are thinking of getting offspring now, the time is right. At this time, the acquisition of auspicious fruit is essential. Students in the Commerce Branch have to pay attention in the areas of commerce and economics. The students who are going to take the class X and XII exams should work hard with a positive attitude. If you try for a gold medal or number one, you have to work harder.

7. Jobs and business
May you be working hard this year. Your responsibilities increase daily. Sometimes it happens that because of overwork, you have to deal with difficulties due to mental stress. People who have lost their jobs have to struggle. However, new jobs may be available in the middle of the year. Interesting in his business. It sounds like we should shut down the business, but over time you will progress so as not to make any wrong decisions.

8. Land-building-property
During the year you will benefit in areas of land and so on. Loans or mortgages can be redeemed. However, there may be paper-document related gaps in your land. If the unauthorized house is constructed, then the government will have to pay the penalty. If the house is rented, check for its rent, etc. Yoga to buy or build your own home becomes powerful. Your investment in gold and silver can be very rewarding.

9. Enemy-Court-Office
This year, there may have been a case of a purchased space or a courtroom blowout. Throughout the year, it has to be more than just mind and money. Contraindications may arise due to gestation. If you try to understand it calmly, you will be able to resolve the issue. You can refute their thoughts because of the foolishness of the enemies this year. Overall it can be said that to avoid as many disputes as possible. If you are hitting government offices for some work, that task will be done easily this year.

10. Women's Class
This year will be a special benefit for women. There will be no financial hardship throughout the year. In the middle of the year, some unnecessary and wrong thoughts will ruin your lifestyle, but control your mind. Family-friendly, you look good. Good cooperation and cooperation. If you have a job then you will progress. You will find harmony between job and family. If you are doing business, revenue will double. You can prove to be an excellent example of femininity.

11. Love Relationships
Your relationship with your loved one may be good at the beginning of the year, but slowly your anger may cause the person you love to lose. Sometimes a discussion without reason can lead to trust from a loved one. If your age is not to love and understand, then stay away from this topic. In terms of love, one can get to know each other more and more because of the visit. In the latter part of the year, you can get married as you get to know each other very well. In short, love can lead to marriage.


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12. Foreign Yoga
This year you can learn a lot in a foreign context. However, be careful not to waste money in any wrong way or direction in your desire to go abroad. If you live abroad, you may be aggravated by criminal activity or lawlessness. If you are preparing to go abroad for study, you will find success. If your family or family relatives are abroad, give them to you

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