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Thursday 21 November 2019

Min Rashi Bhavishy gujarati 2020

Min Rashi Bhavishy gujarati 2020

1. The year of Jupiter planet
During this year, Guru Maharaj will pass from your zodiac to gurusatha which will give you new opportunities for luck. You will be able to fulfill important plans. Your progress is much better than expected. In the middle of the year there may be some interruptions in your work, but don't worry about it.

2. The year of the planet Saturn
Saturn will orbit your zodiac sign ie Tenth. Which can extend the scope of your work. You can benefit from increasing business coverage. However, you should only expand the business if you can handle it yourself. Do not venture into the trust of others. Saturn can change your life.

3. Yearbook of Rahu planet
Rahu will move from your zodiac to the third position at the beginning of the year and then to the fourth. This can make your mental morale weak. Rahu affects certain things in such a way that you cannot prove certain things even though you know. This can make your mood worse. Building questions can be confusing.

4. Marriages and Couples
In terms of marriage, the year of Samvat 3 will be like the new sunrise for you. For those who did not become married yoga last year, their yoga is dominant this year. It would be wise to consider a relationship based on kundali. If marriage is interrupted, good character is not found then performing Shiva worship will bring happiness to the couple. Partner collaboration greatly increases the confidence you receive in each area. This year may be good for both married and married couples.

5. Health and travel
This year becomes more about health care. Surrounding your body as well as kadakathi increases your difficulties. Obesity has to face many difficulties. Take special care of your diet. Business trips make you feel tired and restless. You can spend a good deal of time with your children because of religious and family trips with family. The little journey remains memorable. Professional travel can prove exhausting.

6. Children and Practice
This coming year will be progressive in terms of offspring. Due to the strong position of the guru, issues of his children can be resolved quickly. Having a child like you have envisioned will increase your happiness. Worrying about the future of the offspring may haunt you. Students who are working hard to study get the results that they could not even imagine. Do well in competitive exams. Admission in the desired space or stream can be a pleasure.

7. Jobs and business
There are benefits to the job during this year. Things that didn't seem possible were likely to happen. Obediently carrying on your responsibilities seems to progress. It is beneficial for you to be cautious from a business perspective when considering planetary pastures. Your business may be small, but with your diligence you can gradually grow your business. If you have taken goods or money from a dealer in the business, return it on time.

8. Land-building-property
Real estate and real estate may increase significantly this year, which will be beneficial to you. Investing capital in the land will yield a fair return. Any transaction in land deals should be done with caution. The desire to buy a new or larger home will be fulfilled this year. If you are planning to buy a new shop or showroom, do not delay it. Important tasks like documents may be delayed moderately. The dream of owning a new vehicle seems to be coming true.

9. Enemy-Court-Office
Continually confuse your opponents, interests and legal matters throughout the year. The person you trust completely can betray you. Hostility can also lead to friendship by solving certain issues or questions. If there is a debate in the family area or if you have an Abola, you can get a pleasant solution. Disputes between the two brothers through the court can be completed this year. Tasks related to the courtroom that have been suspended for a long time can be fulfilled.

10. Women's Class
This year is a good time for the sisters. May your destiny be with you. During this year, the excitement can lead to higher financial costs. Hand pain relieves muscle aches due to overwork. Do not fall into any kind of superstition. Your parents' health concerns keep you grounded. Your confidence will give you good success in the political arena. All your heartache can be accomplished this year. Be able to maintain a good balance between job and home.

11. Love Relationships
Your relationship with the person you love from the heart can be tarnished. This will further deteriorate your mental state. If you are married and in love with someone you may have to look down on society. Your approach to your love will be obvious, but it may also be that you do not appreciate the opposite character. Overall it can be said that love chapter has to be rubbed aside and a lot of care. This year will be good for you in repairing damaged relationships. It is a pleasure to visit with a loved one.


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12. Foreign Yoga
This coming year does not seem to be an achievement that is expected in a foreign context. You want to go abroad, but for some reason you can't go. Government work can lead to detention, but if the planets of the horoscope are not strong, then it is difficult to find success in a foreign relationship. Students succeed in trying to study abroad for higher studies, but after returning abroad due to excessive struggle

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