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Sunday 19 April 2020

Gujarat Corona Update date 19-4-2020 Evening

Gujarat Corona Update date 19-4-2020 Evening

  • The new 139 cases include 99 in Ahmedabad, 22 in Surat, 14 in Vadodara and one each in Rajkot, Bharuch, Dahod, Narmada.
  • Out of a total of 1743 patients on 14 ventilators, 1632 were stable, 105 were healed and 63 died.
  • Police conducting CCTV checks of society, arrested 104 on CCTV basis: Shivananda Jha

In the state since last night, 228 more Corona cases have been registered and 5 people have been killed since last night. With this, a total of 1604 patients have been registered till now. The death toll was 58 as well. But after 10am, another 139 positive cases have been registered and five more have been killed. With this, 367 new patients have been exposed in 24 hours. So far, the total number of patients has been 1743 and death rate is 63. While 105 people have recovered.

On this occasion, Health Principal Secretary Jayanti Ravi said that by 10 pm till 5 pm, 99 positive cases have been registered in Ahmedabad, 22 in Surat, 14 in Vadodara and one positive case in Rajkot, Bharuch, Dahod and Narmada. While 5 have died and 11 have been discharged after they were healed. Of the total 1743 patients, 14 are on ventilator while 1632 are stable and 105 have recovered and 63 have died.

23 police personnel killed in coronas; duty policeman is monitored: DGP

Regarding the status of Lockdown Part-2, the state police chief, Shivanand Jha, said that so far 23 police personnel have suffered coronas. The police personnel on duty are being monitored.

Police are currently conducting CCTV checks of the society: the police chief

Zha further said that the police are currently conducting CCTV checks of the society. 104 people have been arrested on the basis of CCTV. As well as returning to Gandhinagar, a classmate has been charged with breaking the lockdown. In Ahmedabad, 113 crimes have been registered and 128 have been arrested for curfew breach. Providing nutritious food, buttermilk and lemonade to boost immunity. There have also been 23 incidents of ambulance abuse.

Important events in the state from the morning of April 19 to the present

Only industries outside the city are allowed, no other industries are allowed

Chief Minister's Secretary Ashwini Kumar said that tomorrow only industries outside the urban area will be allowed. Workers are allowed 12 hours shift and have to pay wages accordingly. At the end of the 6 hours will be a half hour break. While women workers will not be allowed to work overnight shifts.

Today the total of 1604 patients with 228 new cases in the state
On this, Health Principal Secretary Jayanti Ravi said that 228 new cases have been registered in the state today. In Ahmedabad, 140 cases have been registered in Surat, 67 in Anand, 1 in Botad, 2 in Bhavnagar, 1 in Chhotaudepur, 2 in Banaskantha, 8 in Vadodara, 5 in Rajkot and 1 in Mehsana. Today, five more have been killed and the total death toll has reached 58.

Of the 5 newly registered deaths, 4 have been reported in Ahmedabad and one has died in Surat. One had kidney disease, one had diabetes and high blood pressure, and one patient had diabetes and one had hypertension.

Gujarat Updates

>> allowed workers to make 12 hour shifts, have to break half an hour at the end of 6 hours

>> Under Food Security Fund, Rs. 1000 will be deposited in the accounts of card holders of Chhotaudepur, Panchmahal and Ocean on April 20.

>> The employees of the secretariat will start work tomorrow but employees will not be called from Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar.

>> Vehicles seized at lockdown will be released with a minor penalty, this rule will apply to vehicles released after April 18.


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