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Sunday 19 April 2020

India Corona update date 19-4-2020 Evening

India Corona update date 19-4-2020 Evening 

Following the meeting of the ministerial group, the Home Ministry issues a stand-up operating system with the workers.

In a lockdown, e-commerce companies cannot sell non-essential content

Infected 2 doctors and 6 nurses at Lady Harding Hospital in Delhi, 44 new cases in Rajasthan

On April 13, the highest number of 1243 patients was found; the number of infections was 1,062 on April 16.

On Friday, 304 patients were discharged from the hospital. The day before, 259 people got better
New Delhi. Due to the corona epidemic, laborers have been banned from moving from one state to another. The Home Ministry has issued a standard operating system in this regard after a meeting with a group of ministers. It is said that a person should stay wherever he is. The State Governments should provide the laborers with their ability and qualifications. If a group of tourist workers want to go to their workplace within the state, they should be screened, and those who do not have any symptoms of illness should be taken to the workplace. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said in a statement on the Corona epidemic that he does not see the religion, caste, language or border before the attack. We have to deal with unity and brotherhood. We are one in this fight. Now our aim should be to make changes that can bring about positive change in the world including India.

Changes in Guidance of E-Commerce Companies

The Interior Ministry has revised a lockline issued Saturday, April 15-16, on lockdown. It said that non-essential goods cannot be supplied by e-commerce companies at the time of lockdown. It will be banned. This means that at present, non-essential materials such as mobiles, TVs, refrigerators and readymade garments cannot be purchased at present. The company and operator's vehicles will need permission to supply the necessary goods. The government had allowed e-commerce companies such as Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal four days ago to supply all goods from April 20. However, no reason was given for the changes made to this guideline.

8 people infected at Lady Harding Hospital in Delhi

Corona report to 2 doctors and 6 nurses at Lady Harding Hospital in Delhi has come positive on Sunday. All of these duties were in the children's ICU. The hospital is set to declare a quarantine area.

The number of infected persons has exceeded 16000

The number of Corona infections in the country has increased to 16180. Corona reports of 228 patients were reported on Sunday in Gujarat, 80 in Rajasthan, 44 in Andhra Pradesh, 23 in West Bengal, 4 in Karnataka and 1 in Bihar. The highest number of 1371 cases were reported on Saturday in the country. However, one day he was discharged from the hospital, improving the health of 426 patients. These figures are in line with information from and state governments. On the other hand, according to the Union Health Ministry, there are 15712 coronas in the country. Of these, 12974 are being treated .2230 patients have been discharged from the hospital. 507 have died, however.

Infected patients make up 14% of healthy nationwide

At a joint press conference of various ministries of the central government, it was informed on Saturday that the 1991 Corona infected patient has recovered so far in the country. That's about 14 percent of the total infected. The death rate from this illness is 3.3 percent. That means 3 to 4 people have died in 100 infections. The mortality rate in patients aged 0-45 is 14.4 percent, 10.30 percent in 45-60 years and 33.1 percent in 60-75 years. The rate is 42.20 percent among people over 75.

Some important updates linked to Corona transitions

Uttarakhand's Haridwar and Nainital districts have been declared red zones. There are 42 patients with coronary infection in the state. Eighty percent of those cases are from Haridwar, Nainital and Dehradun
The report of a 4-member family member of a PGI employee has come positive in Nayagaon, Punjab. Infections include a one-month-old baby. Corona report of PGI employee came out positive on April 17. Samples of her family were obtained thereafter.
Ranch's Lake View Hospital has been sealed. 50 of its staff have been quarantined. Recently, a retired officer was treated here. Later he was shifted to Gurugram. That's where their Corona Report came out positive.
A walk-in kiosk has been set up to collect samples of corona virus suspects at the IIT Cuttack campus in Karnataka.
5 State, 1 Union Territory Status

Madhya Pradesh Transit-1402: Coroner's Epicenter, Indore in charge of a police station has been killed. Arvindo, who was infected with Corona during the duty of Inspector Devendra Chandravanshi, was admitted to the hospital. Where he died during the treatment. The ASI that accompanies them is also infected with corona. So far 49 people have been killed in Indore.

Maharashtra, Infected-3648: In Maharashtra, 328 transit cases were registered on Saturday. Of these, 184 were positive in Mumbai and 78 in Pune. On Saturday, 11 corpses were infected in the state. With this, the total death toll has risen to 211.

Rajasthan, Infected-1395: 44 Corona infected were found on Sunday. Of them, 27 were positive in Jodhpur, 8 in Bharatpur, 2-2 in Jaipur, Kota and Jhalawar, while in Jaisalmer, Nagor and Hanumangarh the report came positive. On Saturday, there were 122 cases of infection in the state.


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