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Sunday 5 April 2020

Gujarat corona Update date 5-4-2020

gujarat corona Update date 5-4-2020

Giving details of Corona's update, Health Principal Secretary Jayanti Ravi said that 8 new cases have been registered in Ahmedabad, 2 in Bhavnagar, 1 in Vadodara, 1 in Chhotaudepur and 2 new positive cases in Surat. With this, a total of 122 positive cases have been registered in the state.

 So far 11 have been killed. A person from Pavijetpur and Bodeli village of Chhotaudepur had returned from the amalgamation of Talagh Jamaat. Two days ago, 8 people, including two individuals, were tested. Out of which the report of Bodley's man came positive. There are 72 local transmission cases out of a total of 122 positive cases in the state. District wise, 53 positive cases and 5 deaths in Ahmedabad, 13 positive cases in Gandhinagar, 15 positive cases in Surat and 2 deaths, 10 positive cases in Rajkot, 11 positive cases in Bhavnagar and 2 deaths, 10 positive cases in Vadodara and 3 deaths in Poor and 1 in Gomor. There were 2 positive cases while 1-1 positive cases were registered in Kutch, Mehsana, Panchamahal, Patan and Chota Udaipur. Out of the total 122 cases, 33 are from overseas, 17 are from interstate and 72 are from local transmission.

Seven people from Gujarat have been identified in the Nizamuddin Talegh Jamaat-e-Markaz. Up to 103 people were identified till yesterday. One has died while one has undergone a coron-positive test. A total of 110 people have been identified with the seven new people who have been involved in the phase-out. Seven new people are Navasari, state police chief Shivananda Jha said. He further said that action has been taken against those who have returned to Gujarat from Nizamuddin phase after lockdown. Four offenses have been registered against 10 such persons. Of which 2 have been registered in Botad and 1-1 in Navsari-Bhavnagar.


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