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Sunday 5 April 2020

How to Upload Short Video On Youtube Like Tiktok short Video system

How to Upload Short Video On Youtube Like Tiktok short Video system

A new feature is coming to YouTube, which can now create short videos just like TickTalk. The popularity of short video making platform TickTalk has raised Google's concern. That's why Google is now planning to launch a special version of its video platform YouTube, Shorts. Google is bringing this feature to its users. Through the Shorts feature, users will be able to upload small videos like TickTalk within the mobile app.

tiktok users are growing rapidly

Ticketalk was launched in China in 2016 and its global launch is in 2018. In this app, user uploads 3 seconds to 60 seconds video and uploads. With the launch of the Ticketalk mobile app, users have gone crazy and the number of Ticketalk users has reached tens of millions.

YouTube users are diverting to Tiktok

Google's biggest tension is that its YouTube users and creators are slowly shifting to TickTalk. Recently, many youtubers have created their Ticket Talk account and have started uploading short videos on it. Google doesn't want to lose its YouTube video creators and audiences, and that's why it's working on new platform Shorts.

Many music options on YouTube

However, the plus point of YouTube Shorts over TickTalk will be that it has a much higher number of licensed videos, audio and music. Eva creators will find millions of music options for creating videos.

Soon Tiktok's user base is similar to YouTube

There are more than 50 million active users of Ticketalk worldwide. However, this is far less than the active users of YouTube. But given the rapid rise of TickTalk users, it can be said that in terms of user base, TickTalk will soon be parallel to YouTube. The new feature is expected to be available on YouTube by the end of this year. In which users can create videos of 15 seconds to 60 seconds. This feature will be available on both Android and iOS.

Why short videos are perfect for social media

Attention spans are short lately , and social media feeds are more crowded than ever.

If you would like people on social media to observe your videos, they have to urge your message across before viewers get bored and scroll away.

For most online videos, an honest rule of thumb is a smaller amount than two minutes. Research shows that engagement drops significantly then . except for social media, you ought to aim for even less. Under a moment is sweet — but 30, or maybe 15 seconds, is ideal.

That’s to not say there isn’t an area for extended videos — the recognition of vlogs, TED Talks, and other longer-form video is proof of that. But that place is usually not on social media, where videos tend to be discovered accidentally (or perhaps, by an algorithm) instead of sought out intentionally.

So while YouTube or your website are great places to dive into a subject with in-depth tutorials, vlogs, interviews, or webinars, on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, your videos should vary .