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Tuesday 15 September 2020

Gujarat corona Update 15 september 2020

Gujarat corona Update 15 september 2020

Another 10 patients, including 3 women, died today during treatment of corona in Vadodara city. In addition, 3 more employees of GSFC company near Vadodara have been infected with Corona. A 57-year-old employee in the logistics department, a 30-year-old employee in the analyst department and a 55-year-old employee in the lab department have been infected. The GSFC company has so far infected 138 employees.

The total number of Korona cases in Vadodara was 9793
According to figures released by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation, the total number of positive cases of corona in Vadodara city and district has reached over 9793 and the official death toll has reached 163. A total of 8267 people have beaten Corona in Vadodara so far. Out of 1363 active cases in Vadodara, 150 patients are on oxygen and 57 patients are on ventilator and 1156 patients are in stable condition.

Corona cases were reported in these areas of Vadodara on Monday
City: Akota, Maneja, Manjalpur, Karelibaug, Vaghodia Road, Harni Road, Diwalipura, Chhani, Nizampura, Sama, Vasna Road, Pratapnagar, Vadsar, Ajwa Road, Tandalja, Subhanpura, Gorwa, Kalali Road, Fatehganj, Gotri
Rural: Dabhoi, Karjan, Peopleod, Goraj, Dasharath, Bill Undera, Savli, Samiyala, Dassar, Vaghodia, Bajwa, Bhayali

The highest 2331 cases in the North Zone
So far 9793 positive cases of corona have been reported in Vadodara city district. Out of which 1598 cases have been reported in East Zone, 1575 in West Zone, 2331 in North Zone, 1913 in South Zone, 2340 in rural Vadodara and 36 cases have been reported from outside cities and states.

Currently 3646 people are quarantined in Vadodara
At present 3646 people have been quarantined in Vadodara city. Out of which 3632 people are home quarantine, 8 people in government facility and 6 people in private facility are quarantine quarantine.

74,936 people in the red zone in Vadodara
There are currently 74,936 people in the red zone in 19,974 households in Vadodara city. While 1,22,951 people in the 36,546 households are in the Orange Zone. There are 1,35,058 people in the yellow zone in 37,883 households.

Amid rising cases of corona virus, the central government has indicated that the corona vaccine for the high-risk group, the elderly and frontline workers, could soon be approved. So far no date has been announced for the launch of the vaccine. However, Health Minister Harshvardhan has expressed hope that the vaccine will be available before March next year. US company Pfizer, on the other hand, claims that its vaccine will be available in the US market before December this year. You also know what is being developed around the world on the vaccine that is waiting to overcome the corona.

India can also go the way of Russia and China

"The government may soon approve the vaccine for the high risk group, the elderly and frontline workers," Union Health Minister Harshvardhan told a social media program on Sunday. Efforts are underway to get everyone to agree on it.
Harshvardhan's remarks are a clear indication that India, through Russia and China, may soon approve the vaccine for the high-risk group. Russia has given emergency approval to its vaccine SPUTNIK V and China to its 3 vaccines.

Trials of three vaccines are underway in India. India is developing biotech and ICMR covacin. Ahmedabad-based company Zydus Cadila's vaccine is in Phase-2 trial. The Serum Institute of India in Pune is conducting a Phase-2 and Phase-3 trial of Oxford / AstraZeneca's Covishield.
It may take four to five years for the vaccine to be delivered worldwide

"The vaccine will not be available to everyone in the world by the end of 2014," Adar Poonawala, CEO of Serum Institute, the world's largest vaccine manufacturing company, said in an interview. He said it would take four to five years to deliver the vaccine everywhere in every country.
The company has partnered with five companies, including AstraZeneca and Novavex, Poonawala told the Financial Times. Is preparing to make a billion doses. Half of them will be available in India. The company is also planning to partner with Russia's Gamaleya Research Institute to produce SPUTNIK V.

The Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine trial was stopped in the UK after one person fell ill. But the good news is that the trial of the vaccine is starting again in Britain. The company has received approval for it. The Serum Institute of India is currently awaiting approval from the Drug Regulator in India to resume the trial. The Drug Regulator had sent a notice to the Serum Institute stating the reason. The answer has been sent by the Serum Institute. The stalled trials of Kovishield will resume in India soon. However, no official statement has been released yet.
Pfizer's CEO said Americans will get the vaccine this year

Phase-3 trials of the vaccine made by the American company Pfizer and the German company Bioentech are underway in the United States. The company claims that it has stepped up efforts to bring the vaccine to the US market this year.
"We've started manufacturing, we've already made thousands of doses," Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla told the CBS TV network. If the results of our trials are good, it will not take long for the vaccine to hit the market.
Pfizer said earlier that it would be known by October whether the vaccine was safe and effective. Baurla repeated the same thing in his interview. He said there was a 60% chance that the company would know by October how effective the vaccine was.

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