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Monday 7 September 2020

Technology important updates of the week september 7

Technology important updates of the week september 7

The new update will have a dedicated reels tab instead of the Explore tab in the navigation bar on Instagram
Like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger can only forward messages to 5 users.

If you're interested in technology, but can't keep up to date due to lack of time, we've brought you a summary of this week's news. We will keep you updated with all the updates you need. So let's start Weekly Describe ...

1. Instagram Reels Update: Dedicated button to view reels

Video creators' interest in Instagram reels has increased since Tiktok was banned. Facebook launched a new update in Instagram Reels on Friday to give users a better experience given the current situation. In this update, the Dedicated Reels tab will appear in the navigation bar instead of the Explore tab (magnifier glass icon).
According to the company, this tab allows the user to access the auto-playing reels video with a single click. Only reels videos will appear in the tab. This will make it easier for users to find new creators. India is the first country where this feature is being launched. Like Tiktok, Instagram Reels is also a short video sharing platform. Users can share up to 15 seconds of video on reels. The reels feature has become popular among Indian users since Tiktok was discontinued.

2. Facebook Update: Like WhatsApp, Messenger can now forward messages to only 5 users.

The social media platform Facebook has also now made some changes to Messenger chat to stop misinformation messages. Now, like WhatsApp, the limit of forwarded messages has been fixed in Facebook Messenger. This means that the forwarded message can only be sent to 5 users or groups.
According to Facebook, the purpose behind making this decision is to stop fake news. This will prevent the message from giving incorrect information from being forwarded quickly. Now any message can be shared with limited users at a time.
Users will get benefits till September 24
Facebook started testing this feature in March. The company has started launching it. Currently this feature is limited to certain countries, but will be launched globally from September 24.

3. Google and Apple develop new exposure notification system to avoid Kovid-19

The world's two largest tech companies Google and Apple have announced a new system for the Covid-19 epidemic. The system is called 'Exposure Notification Express'. The system will enable public health authorities to use smartphones to help trace contacts without the app.

This new system of Exposure Notification Express will allow public health officers to submit a small configuration file to Apple and Google. Both tech companies will then use the file to set up the system. So, if the owner of the phone is close to Corona's positive person, he will be informed.

Alerts will be received on users' phones
In the case of the iPhone, a new update to the iOS operating system will alert users about whether local health officials have an exposure notification system available and allow users to set it up without downloading a new app. Users on Android devices will get a hint from the phone's operating system. However, users will have to download the automatically generated app.

4. Government action on Chinese apps: 118 apps banned, including PUBG

The government last Wednesday banned 118 apps, including PUBG, in a third digital strike on China following a violent scuffle in the Galvan Valley on the night of June 15. In India alone, PUBG has received over 175 million downloads.
The central government said the apps were banned for India's security reasons. The government banned 59 apps on June 29 and 47 on July 27 after a scuffle in Galwan. Tensions between the Indo-China border erupted last Wednesday when the government banned the app.
PUBG has received over 500 million downloads worldwide. It has 50 million daily active users. Its options include Minecraft, Fortnight, Counter Strike, World of Warcraft and Clash of Clans app, but not a single game like PUBG.

5. Akshay's FAU-G instead of PUBG

Akshay Kumar has announced the launch of the FAU-G game after the popular gaming app PUBG was banned. The game will also inform gamers about the sacrifices of the country's soldiers. This is Akshay Kumar's first gaming venture.
Akshay wrote on Instagram that he is proud to present the Fearless & United Guards FAU-G action game in support of PM Modi's self-reliant movement. Apart from entertainment, gamers will also be able to learn about the sacrifices of our soldiers. 20% of the revenue of this game will be donated to Veer Trust of India.
There is still suspense over when the game will be launched. However, experts say that the game will get good support soon after the launch as soon as PUBG is banned.

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