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Monday 7 September 2020

Intents Go Maps Application full detail and specifications

Intents Go Maps Application full detail and specifications

This app has been developed by Gurugram and Coimbatore team of Intents Moby Pvt. Ltd.
A beta version of the app is available for Android users on the Google Play Store

If you are bothered by potholes while driving in the current monsoon, then the indigenous tech company Intents Moby Pvt Ltd has found a way to do it. The company has developed a navigation app that will show the way and provide alerts for pits, waterlogged areas, breakers, traffic and speed cameras.

The company has launched an app called 'Intents Go' on the Google Play Store. However, a beta version is currently available. The company claims that it will identify 9,000 new pits and speed breakers daily. The company has 2 lakh scouts for it.

The team from Gurugram and Coimbatore created the app
Intents Moby Pvt Ltd started working on the app for a personal project a few years ago, but in February this year the company worked hard on it. The work of the app was shared between the team from Gurugram and Coimbatore.

The map is updated with the help of scouts
The company said the app updates real-time data for road conditions and events. The app is updated with the help of 2 lakh scouts. It uses a phone sensor. Any user can apply to download and use it and create a scout. Scouts include people including a cab driver, a truck driver and a delivery agent.

Cut a distance of 20 lakh kilometers
Intents Go Up claims to have covered a distance of 20 lakh kilometers. The app has 2 lakh scouts, the company claims, adding 1.5 lakh kilometers of map data every day. The app has identified more than 1.85 lakh pits and speed breakers. Currently about 9000 are being identified per day. As this system is real time, according to the data of the app, 4500 pits are also being repaired every day.

Specification of the app
The app launched on the Google Play Store on September 3rd. It is 27MB in size. The app currently receives over 500 downloads. This app supports phones with Android 5.0 and above.

Intents Go may be a free, privacy focussed, navigation app that creates your drives significantly safer and effortless. Intents Go tells you about broken road patches, waterlogging, traffic, blockades, speed cameras and more beforehand to make sure nothing catches you all of sudden on your drive or ride. Panic braking on spotting a speed breaker? Thing of the past now. frightened of hidden potholes in monsoons? Not anymore.

In India, quite 20 people lose their lives daily due to potholes and badly designed speed breakers. Lots quite that are injured for absolutely no fault of their own and billions are wasted in material damages. Intents Go may be a step towards changing that and saving lives on the road.

Why Intents Go?

  • -Realtime road condition status
  • -No personal data collected
  • -Voice guided turn by turn navigation
  • -Pothole and speed breaker alerts
  • -Find restaurants, toilets, mechanics and more
  • -Road incident reports including waterlogging, accidents and more

Intents allow you to start an activity in another app by describing an easy action you want to perform (such as "display a map" or "show directions to the airport") in an Intent object. The Google Maps app for Android supports several different intents, allowing you to launch the Google Maps app and perform one among four actions:

Display a map at a specified location and zoom level.
Search for locations or places, and display them on a map.
Request directions from one location to a different . Directions are often returned for 3 modes of transportation: driving, walking, bicycling.
Display panorama imagery in Google Street View.

Intent requests
In order to launch Google Maps with an intent you want to first create an Intent object, specifying its action, URI and package.


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Action: All Google Maps intents are called as a View action — ACTION_VIEW.
URI: Google Maps intents use URI encoded strings that specify a desired action, along side some data with which to perform the action.
Package: Calling setPackage("") will make sure that the Google Maps app for Android handles the Intent. If the package isn't set, the system will determine which apps can handle the Intent. If multiple apps are available, the user could also be asked which app they might wish to use.

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