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Saturday 3 October 2020

How to make Call without Network Wi fi Calling Features

 How to make Call without Network   Wi fi Calling Features

You can make calls from your phone even if your phone does not have a network. Reliance Jio is coming up with a special service under which phone calls can be made even if there is no network.

The company is offering a special service called Geo WiFi Calling. Which will allow you to make calls. The company aims to promote calling in places where there are no networks, such as villages or inland areas where there are no networks.

What is wifi calling service

Under this service you can make and receive calls without network. You do not have to pay extra for this, you just need a current voice plan and an HD voice compatible device.

Reliance Jio has kept this service absolutely free. Customers will be able to make Geo Wi-Fi calling over Wi-Fi networks. It features the ability to switch between VoLTE and Wi-Fi services for a voice or video calling experience.

Enable service this way

Jio Wi-Fi calling service has been launched to let users make and receive calls over a Wi-Fi network. The new development is aimed to help users connect in case of signal issues. Jio is set to roll out the Wi-Fi calling service on a pan-India basis until January 16. It is designed to support both voice (VoWiFi) and video calls over any Wi-Fi network. Also, the telco claims that the service supports over 150 handset models. Users with a supported network can be seamlessly switched over between VoLTE and Wi-Fi networks to avail voice or video calling with any delay. However, the Wi-Fi calling functionality on devices needs to be activated.

In this article, we detail how you can activate Wi-Fi calling on your smartphone and avail Jio Wi-Fi calling service. Jio claims that its Wi-Fi calling service is available at no additional cost. This means that you do not need to purchase a separate tariff or recharge plan to avail its benefits. However, you need to have an active Jio tariff plan on your number and a smartphone with Wi-Fi calling support to be eligible for the new service.

Jio hasn't provided any details around the circles where it is providing its Wi-Fi calling service. However, it did mention in the press release announcing the development that it is rolling out pan-India. The service is also operational for voice and video calls made during roaming.

Steps to enable Jio Wi-Fi calling on an Android phone

To use Jio Wi-Fi calling on your device, you first need to connect to an active Wi-Fi network. Jio hasn't restricted its service to any particular network, which means you can use any of the available Wi-Fi networks in your location to avail the benefits of Jio Wi-Fi calling. You need to follow the steps below to avail the service.

Once you've connected your device to a Wi-Fi network, you need to search for Wi-Fi Calling or Wi-Fi calls option by going to the Settings menu.

You'll need to enable that Wi-Fi calling option to make your phone supportive to the new service.

Now, your Android smartphone will seamlessly switch over between VoLTE and Wi-Fi networks during voice and video calls.


To use WiFi calling in your phone, you must first connect to an active WiFi network. Geo did not limit service to a single network, meaning that any available WiFi network could be used. You can take advantage of Geo WiFi calling by using any WiFi from your location.

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