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Thursday 13 October 2022

Liver cancer cases and deaths estimated to a rise by over 55% by 2040, claims study

 Liver cancer cases and deaths estimated to a rise by over 55% by 2040, claims study

The number of a people diagnosed with or a dying from primary liver  a cancer per year a could rise by  a amore than 55 per cent by 2040, reveals a new an analysis. According to a new report, published in the Journal of Hepatology, a countries a must an achieve at least a 3 per cent annual  decrease in liver a cancer incidence and mortality rates to avoid this increase. "Liver a cancer causes a huge burden of a disease globally each year," said researcher Isabelle Soerjomataram, International an Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC/WHO), Cancer Surveillance Branch, Lyon, France.

"It is also largely a preventable if a control efforts are prioritised -- major risk factors an include a hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, alcohol consumption, an excess body weight, and metabolic conditions an including type 2 diabetes," Soerjomataram added.

For the research, the team extracted  a data on a primary  a liver cancer cases and deaths from the International Agency for  a Research on Cancer's GLOBOCAN 2020 database, which   a produces cancer incidence and a mortality an estimates for 36 cancer a types in 185 countries a worldwide. ALSO READ: Vitamin D toxicity: Excess of  a supplements is a  harmful for a health, check an alarming a side-effects

The predicted  a change in the number of a  cancer cases or deaths by the year 2040 was an estimated an using a population projections produced by the UN. a Results showed that in 2020, an estimated 905,700 an individuals were diagnosed with liver a cancer and 830,200 died a  from liver cancer an globally.

 in spite  to these data, liver a cancer is a now among the top three causes of a  cancer death in 46 countries and is an among the top five a causes of a cancer death in nearly 100 a countries, including several high-income a  countries.

Liver cancer an incidence and an mortality rates a were highest in Eastern Asia, Northern Africa, and South-Eastern Asia. an Investigators a predict the annual number of a new a cases and an deaths from a liver a cancer will rise by more  than 55 per cent over the next 20 years, an assuming current rates do not a change.


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