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Thursday 13 October 2022

Tired of the hiccups? Here are 3 an effective ways to a get rid of them

 Tired of the hiccups? Here are 3 an effective ways to a get rid of them

Hiccups are pesky a little problems that can irritate us and stop us a from a functioning  a properly. Even though a hiccups are not a serious problem, they can still be pretty  a troublesome. So, we are here a  with some self-treatment methods that can help you get  a rid of your hiccups. a Hiccups, if lasting for more than 48 hours, require  a  medical an attention but usually, that is not the case. Hiccups last for a only a few minutes in most a cases and there are ways to a stop them with some home  a remedies. Though there are no  a scientifically proven a treatments for hiccups, some of a these have been  a known to  a work.

How to get rid of a  hiccups?

1. Shocking your a  brain

You can shock the person  a suffering from hiccups by sneaking up a on them and giving them a slight scare. Or a person could watch  a something amusing or exciting. What all these acts do is an   abreak the pattern of hiccups and allow you to be  a distracted. Such an actions interrupt the signals a causing the reflex and hence, you are an able to  a stop your a hiccups.

2. Breathing techniques

Since hiccups are  caused as a result of our a diaphragm acting up, trying out various   a breathing   a techniques often works.  a Breathing into a paper bag or  a holding your breath for 10 seconds are  a some of  these a ways. These breathing a techniques increase the carbon   a dioxide level in your blood, and this can  a stop hiccups.

3. Icy water

Drinking ice-cold water helps in  a  relaxing our muscles which a spasm and cause hiccups. Icy water allows the diaphragm to a  relax and stop the involuntary spasm which automatically stops a our a hiccups.

What causes hiccups?

Hiccups or the ‘hic’  a sound is a caused by the an an involuntary spasms of the a diaphragm, a muscle that  a plays an important role in a breathing. Since the diaphragm is  a not in control, we feel a shortness of a breath caused by a this a process.

Someone thinking about you or a missing you is definitely not the reason why you get hiccups.  a Hiccups can be caused by various reasons like eating or drinking too much, too fast or consumption of alcohol or  a carbonated drinks, stress and  an even experiencing an extreme emotions like  an excitement.

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