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Friday 18 September 2020

Corona vaccine news update India

 Corona vaccine news update India

The pharmaceutical company in India, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories (DRL) announced on September 16 that it would bring 100 million doses of the Russian-made SPUTNIK V vaccine to India to prevent Kovid-19. Prior to this, the human trials of Phase-3 will start with the required regulatory clearance. It has been decided that after getting permission, we will also start the trials of the last phase of SPUTNIK V with Oxford / AstraZeneca Covishield. There are also reports that Dr. Along with Reddy's, Gujarat-based Cadila Healthcare is also in talks with Russia. The biggest question is when will you finally get rid of the corona virus? When will the vaccine come to our country?

 so the Russian vaccine will save us from covid-19?

Dr. Reddy's has struck a deal with the Russian Direct Investment Fund for the Russian vaccine SPUTNIK V. They will also be applying for Phase-3 trials soon. In this situation it is difficult to say when we will get the vaccine.

At present, trials of Oxford / AstraZeneca's Covishield Phase 2 and 3 are also underway in India. Its initial results can be seen in a month or two. Based on this, the Indian drug regulator will take a decision. A decision could be made by the end of this year.

There have also been reports that the Russian group RDIF wants to deal with at least four Indian drugmakers. Dr. After Reddy's, he is also talking to Zydus Cadila of Ahmedabad. Their aim is to increase vaccine production. The Gujarat company's conversation has reached the advanced stage.

These deals and news mean that Russian vaccines will be mass-produced in India. The ICMR has already indicated that the vaccine for high-risk groups and frontline workers may be approved soon. When the vaccine will be available depends on the approval.

Health Minister Harshvardhan told Parliament that all options were open. The vaccine will be available in India early next year. The Expert Group has also done advance planning for the distribution. Earlier, Harshvardhan had said that the vaccine would be available by March next year.

Can Russia's vaccine be relied upon?

Nothing can be said until we come across some data from the phase-trial of the Russian vaccine. Covishield of Oxford / AstraZeneca was considered the safest vaccine ever.

Russia's Health Minister Mikhail Murashko has said that one in seven of Russia's 14% covid vaccine volunteers are experiencing side effects. They have been found to have problems such as weakness and muscle aches. However, it becomes normal the next day. These side effects are predictable.

The vaccine also has adverse effects, according to preliminary results published in the medical journal The Lancet. The highest 58% of volunteers experienced pain at the injection site, 50% with fever, 28% with weakness and 24% with muscle pain, meaning that the Russian vaccine also has side effects.

Trump says vaccine will be available in US from October

US President Donald Trump has claimed that the vaccine will be available in the United States from October. 100 million doses will be distributed by the end of 2020. It is waiting for the green signal from the drug regulator and Democrats have accused Trump's statements of putting pressure on the drug regulator.

The New York Times reports that Trump claims the vaccine will arrive in October, while scientists, companies and federal officials are claiming that the vaccine will be available next year. Kovid-19 has killed nearly two million people in the United States. Because of this it has become a big election issue.

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What is the status of the vaccine so far?

So far, Russia, China and the UAE are the only countries that have already approved the vaccine developed in their countries before the results of the Phase-3 trial came out. Russia has also stepped up efforts to vaccinate high-risk groups.

Also, three vaccines have received emergency approval in China so far. If one wants to get vaccinated, one can get protection from Covid-19 by getting this vaccine. However, the human trial of the vaccine from China or Russia has not been completed yet. The UAE has approved China's vaccine.

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