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Saturday 17 October 2020

Google Add New Feature hum to search try it easily

 Google Add New Feature hum to search try it easily

Forgot your favorite song lyrics? So don't worry, it will remind you of that song as soon as it rumbles against Google; Learn the features of this feature

  • Google has added a 'hum to search' feature to its search tools
  • Google's feature is available for iOS and Android

Google has added a new feature to its search tools for music lovers. Its name is 'hum to search'. The company has launched it on Friday. With the help of this feature, you can ask Google for the lyrics of the song just by humming in the rhythm of the forgotten lyrics. Google will try to help you with the machine learning tool. If the search result is correct then you can listen to the song by tapping.

This feature was launched for iOS and Android

Google's feature is available for iOS and Android. Android users can now search for songs in more than 20 languages. It will also support more languages, according to the company.

How will this feature work?

Type 'What's the song' on the Google search engine or tap on the newly added search song button. Then humming the song means humming the song. Google will then tell you the songs related to it. You can listen to that song by tapping on it.

Now the map will tell you how busy the place you are going to is.

Google has announced a business information feature at the Search On 2020 event on October 15, so that users can decide if the location they have chosen is right for them at this time of the epidemic. The company will soon launch it globally for Android, iOS and desktop. A live view will also be added to this feature in a few months. According to Google, the launch of this new feature will keep in mind the norms of Kovid-19 and social distance.

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This type of business information will be available

When you search for a place in Maps, this feature will give you an overview of the overall location of that place, the contact number as in the previous category of that place. Also, if you have planned a family dinner in a restaurant, it will tell you whether the restaurant is small or big in size. Apart from this Google Corona will provide information on what features will be available in that location depending on the location and how you will have to prepare to get there. Live view option will also be added soon. So before users reach the location, they can virtually see what the location is like and decide whether it is advisable to visit the location in the coronal period.

On Thursday, Google announced a replacement "hum to search" feature enabling people to pinpoint songs by simply humming a part of a track. Google notes that folks needn't worry about their musical capabilities, "you don't need perfect pitch to use this feature," during a handout .

આ પણ વાંચો:  નવી સ્વામીત્વ યોજનાની પુરી જાણકારી

The new search capability is out there on the Google app and mobile devices also because the Google Search widget. When using the widget, people will first got to tap the tiny microphone icon and prompt the feature by either clicking the button labeled "search a song" or saying "what's this song?" Next, the person will got to proceed to hum a part of the song.

The hum to look function is additionally available on Google Assistant employing a similar framework. to spot a song during this format, first ask "Hey Google, what's this song?" before humming a song. it is vital to recollect that an audio enquirer will got to know a touch of the song to assist target a specific track. Per the Google release, people will got to hum some of the song for 10-15 seconds.

The feature uses machine learning to spot potential tracks supported an individual's hummed sequence. After humming a tune, Google will provide a series of "most likely options supported the tune." Then, people can play these closest matches and peruse information associated with the performing artists, tracks, albums, and more.

ગુજરાતીમાં ડીટેઇલ ન્યુઝ અહિંથી વાંચો

The machine learning identification process

A given song will have myriad identifying characteristics, and Google likens a song's melody to its "fingerprint." With this in mind, Google has designed its machine learning to be ready to "match your hum, whistle or singing to the proper 'fingerprint.'" These models create a "number-based sequence representing the song's melody" supported an individual's hummed melody.

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