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Saturday 17 October 2020

Three Sun Apear in china very rare Phenomenon watch viral video

 Three Sun Apear in china very rare Phenomenon watch viral video

Residents of Chinese city Mohe were surprised once they spotted what seemed to be three suns hanging within the sky at an equivalent time. The rare phenomenon lasted for about three hours from 6:30 am to 9:30 in Mohe town of Tuqiang.

A video of the "three suns" hanging within the sky at an equivalent time has gone viral on social media. Two bright spots, called "phantom suns" are often seen on the left and right side of the particular sun.

"Three suns appeared within the sky of NE China's Mohe for hours because the residents were amazed by the natural spectacle, which also referred to as 'sun dogs'," the video is captioned

The video is doing rounds on social media. it's been viewed quite 4,100 times. it's left netizens stunned.

The natural occurrence is named 'sun dogs'. The optical phenomenon happens when sunlight passes through high-altitude ice crystals in cirrus clouds. The phantom suns appear at an equivalent altitude above the horizon because the Sun.

It was one among the longest-lasting sun dogs within the area in recent years.

Sun dogs are often seen anywhere within the world during any season, but aren't always obvious or bright.

This is not the primary time that multiple suns were spotted within the sky. In February, people were greeted by 'five suns' within the sky in Inner Mongolia in northern China. Back in 2015, a triple sunrise was seen in Chelyabinsk in Russia.

When the people of the northeastern Chinese city of Mohe woke up like on Saturday, the sky view on the morning of October 16th was very special and amazing for them. They were amazed to see three suns in the sky at once. However, the other two suns seen in the sky were not real but they were seeing three suns due to an event called 'Sun Dog'.

  • A spectacular event that happened in the skies of China
  • Three suns were appearing together
  • People tried to make this picture or video in the camera

This is known as the atmospheric optical phenomenon, which causes people to see more than one sun in the sky.


People watched the event for three hours

People watched this rare event for three hours. People watched the rare event from 6:30 to 9:30 a.m. and many tried to capture it on camera. People's Daily China posted a video on its Twitter handle showing all three suns. The video shows two bright spots with the sun also known as the 'Phantom Sun'.

This rare phenomenon called 'Sun Dog' occurs when ice crystals form in the Earth's atmosphere, after which they reflect sunlight and a shining sun appears. It is believed to be the longest sun dog event in years.

ગુજરાતીમાં ન્યુઝ અહિંથી વાંચો

Internet users were stunned

Internet users were amazed after watching the video. One Twitter user wrote, "Like I sometimes have doubts ... everything is in China." A similar incident took place in the Chinese city of Fui in January. Then two extra suns appeared in the sky for 20 minutes. There are, however, a number of factors at work for this type of phenomenon that make it impossible for it to happen on a daily basis.

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